About me

My business card says I am a "Transit Application Specialist", but I'd say more generally I'm a developer. I currently work for Saucon Technologies where I manage the iOS app sector as well as our driver log website. My day-to-day work is done on OS X with a capable little mac mini running Xcode, Eclipse and pgAdmin III, and a Dell Vostro running AwesomeWM on top of Ubuntu as a second hand workspace and quite often as a machine for GIMP, as I find myself doing more and more custom art for apps.

While my programming specialities these days revolve around app development, front end design and the necessary back end linkages, I'm more than willing to swap hats at any point and get back into some grittier areas of computer science when necessary. Like a lot of programmers, I've always got about 15 game ideas floating around my head. I also can't go a few months without picking up a LISP or Haskell book because something in the back of my mind tells me it'll do me good.

Outside of work I try to spend less time sitting in front of screens (lifting, disc golf, climbing), reading, playing music, or just cruising in my loudbox of a car.