Stephan Hennion

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer with a broad scope of experiences, and a set of skills honed by periods of deep dives into various niches across the modern tech stack. While my career bloomed out of an iOS game I developed in 2010, I quickly found myself supporting the iOS apps I was crafting with a heavy amount of backend work in Java Spring sitting on top of a PostgreSQL db. Not long after, I went to the opposite end of the spectrum via BLE to the embedded world, maintaining and greenfielding firmware for various micros including the Nordic nRF series and the Atmel C21.

These days I'm a Senior Firmware Engineer on ADT's Blue DIY team, helping to support our main embedded Linux based hardware, as well as a recent graudate of Syracuse University, with a Master's degree in Computer Science.

In my free time I love spending time with my fiance, our one year old daughter Kairi, and our dog Ember, and I'm always hacking away at a handful of side projects. As of this writing, the Godot game engine is my latest passion.

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